Our Goal

Valent Capital Partners seeks to leverage our collective resources to acquire and actively grow a single middle-market business

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We are the Difference

Who is Valent?

A private investment firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, that is dedicated to identifying, investing in, and managing an established business with strong growth prospects

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Our Mission

To actively manage and operate a growing business, supporting its growth and development, while creating exceptional value for business owners, customers, employees, and shareholders

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Our Difference

Valent Capital Partners allows business owners to achieve peace of mind that the key stakeholders in their business will see a smooth transition, while they reap the benefits of liquidity

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What we Seek

We seek to acquire a majority or complete stake in a business with strong fundamentals and opportunities to grow:

  • $8 to $30 million of annual, recurring revenue
  • $1 to $6 million of annual, predictable cash flow
  • Strong middle-management team

We look forward to working flexibly with prospective sellers to achieve a structure that best meets his or her needs